Bitcoin users vs Non bitcoin users!!

2016 - people were calling bitcoin a bubble still

2017 - bitcoin price soar to $18000 ( bitcoin to the moon)

2018 - bitcoin price drop ( the crypto winter)

2019 - bitcoin future is in our hands still. The price of bitcoin is determined by how many people are using it and supply and demands.  Join the cryptocurrency movement by start using bitcoin to buy and sell for services and goods.  Start posting on our forum at

This is how FUD starts and how the rich gets richer...

They starts rumors and people start panic sell while they buy low..

Bitcoin Billionaires

We can stay young in the space while bitcoin keeps getting more and more valuable as less and less bitcoin will be available to the world.  By the year of 2040, Bitcoin will worth over $100,000!  WE HAVE HOPES

We shall be RICH! when Tron hits $100?

If it can happen with bitcoin, why can't it be some other promising cryptocurrency? Lets wait and see!

I saw a post on craigslist the other day about how this person didn't know anything about bitcoin so she posted her bitcoin wallet for donation.  Well, I am not stupid but I kind of think it was funny so I made it into a comic strip.

Bitcoin Brothers arguing

Honestly, this was my first comic strip.  While reading how Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash fights all the time..... I thought this was a good one with a little bit of parenting twist.

I also changed the last line to " I love you both the same.  Now lets see who can make daddy more money."

My very own Bitcoin "star" for my Xmas tree....

It was xmas of 2017.  Using bitcoin as xmas tree decor just seemed soooo right!

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