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    • Bitcoin/crypto Job board ( hiring and posting)
      Bitcoin/ crypto Job Board is a place to find work or workers related to the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain industries. ***Offering goods/ services: Post your goods/ services here and see if anyone is interested to exchange a small amount of bitcoin for your goods or services ***Looking to hire: Post what you need to get done and the amount of bitcoin you are willing to pay for what you need. Content that is NOT ALLOWED! - Violent - Abusive of any kind - Racist - Referral links - MLM - Ponzi schemes and the like Any of these will result in immediate banning from the site.
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    • General crypto discussion
      My goal is to diversify my investment. The way that fiat currency is going, I am not sure it will be able to support a retirement or a collage fund for the kids. I invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency for a chance of decentralization. I understand that cryptocurrency is risky and I am willing to donate this amount of money to it knowing that it may give us an alternate future without the banks. Lets share our thoughts on it. Why are you investing in crypto? whats your goal? Where are you at right now?
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    • Tax and crypto 2018
      Bitcointax can be challenaging. How about doing turbo tax with bitcoin? is it possible? Lets see how it goes and post our process here to share! - I am using Turbo tax for this year also but adding bitcoin/ crypto trade. This is gonna be a new learning experience. Here is what I have gathered so far.
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