Earning cryptocurrency online!!

If you would have bought 1 bitcoin when bitcoin was a few cents back in the day, you would have been a millionaire by now.  Who would think 0.01 would be worth $100 USD today?  Would you like to earn cryptocurrency online just by looking at advertisements?  ( You get paid a small amount of bitcoin or whatever cryptocurrency of their chosen every 5-30 mins) All you need is just have the computer / laptop running.  Simple right?  No investment needed.  You make as much as you are willing to work* from home.

Here are some simple steps:

First you must register for a cryptocurrency wallet here so you can collect bitcoin/ litecoin/dodgecoin ( need to verify email) at Coinpot.co
Start using your coinpot email to visit different bitcoin/ litecoin/ dodgecoin sites and get paid:  (Here are the site referral links:)


Moon Bit



My Youtube video on how to earn bitcoin online Here

Using this method of gathering cryptocurrencies doesnt require you to put in real money.  You earn as you go and there are actually two ways to increase your crypto earnings:

  1. you can earn cryptocurrency by clicking their ads
  2. you can earn cryptocurrency by referring others to join
  3. you can earn by mining the cryptocurrency on the ad site

With these many ways to choose from, you can always find what is the best and easiest way for you to gather your favorite cryptocurrencies. Normally, I log on and I click on the ads then I set it to mine some dogecoin in the background while I do other things on the computer ( your computer will slow down a bit) and then back to clicking on ads again.

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