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Bitcoin 2040 fiction comic

I published this comic 10 years ago in China's Comic con and now edited it into English.

Story line: In the near future of 2040 when bitcoin become the only currency... things are very different.  The main character, Matt was in a mission to steal bitcoin from the wealthy people.  This story take place after he stole a faction of the bitcoin and with the bitcoin storage device on hand, he was running for his life after losing his last partner in crime - the uncle of Lily.  Lily's uncle died during this mission.

People who were born without owning any bitcoin are outcast and living in the poor City on the ground level.  The rich people remain in the Sky city above ground.

Matt, who now owns faction of bitcoin can choose to join the Sky City or perhaps end their wealth.... or maybe just to run away with the love of his life?

This story is to be continued...

Comic artist / Sci Fi writter

Bravobitcoin is looking for comic artist and Sci Fi fiction story writter!!

Come post your comic and Sci Fi story with us!  Cryptocurrency related topics! Contact me!!

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